Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

MSMEs are businesses which are smaller in size and have lower levels of revenue compared to larger businesses yet they are the backbone of Malawi's economy. The MSME order promotes indigenous entrepreneurship, innovation and enhances competitiveness. Successful MSMEs have the potential to uplift women, the youth and marginalised groups from poverty.

The importance of recognizing MSMEs

  • They are responsible for generating employment opportunities for a significant portion of the Malawian population.
  • The government of Malawi recognizes the importance of supporting the MSME sector and is implementing an e-GM system as
  • an online platform that enables government buyers to procure goods and services from a pool of pre-qualified suppliers that will streamline the public procurement process
  • Ability to innovate.
  • They can help to stimulate competition, promote creativity, and boost overall economic growth.
  • They can help to create a thriving and vibrant MSME sector that can drive economic growth and create jobs.

To register as MSME

  • Certificate from the Ministry of Trade
  • Get registered at the Registrar General
  • Have MRA Certificate
  • Register with PPDA