The Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA) is mandated by the Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2017, to regulate, monitor and oversee public procurement and disposal of public assets in Malawi. Empowered by this mandate and with financial assistance from the World Bank, the PPDA is introducing an electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) System that replaces the current manual and paper-based system of public procurement. The aim of implementing this Project is to achieve broad Government economic governance objectives of enhancing efficiency, transparency and accountability in public procurement.

Unlikethe current manual and paper-based system, the soon to be introduced e-GP system is internet based with online portals for the publication of procurement related information and transacting of procurement opportunities, contract awards and many more activities. It has interactive e-tendering portals with download/upload facilities for bidding documents, among other features.

The adoption of the e-GP system will thus offer many benefits to Malawi; not only will it eliminate the slow and laborious manual procurement processes to increase efficiency and productivity, but it will also reduce administrative costs through supplier-buyer connectivity that will enable them to find out the status of procurement transactions online. While the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and citizens are lobbying for improved accountability and reduced corruption, the system’s higher transparency offers a solution by reducing fraudulent spending and all forms of corruption and thereby improving trust in Government, increased tax compliance and country stability.

With the e-GP System, suppliers/bidders will also be able to present their products online and reach a broader base of buyers than before. They will also be empowered to see and track the whole procurement process and there will be improved relationships with buyers.