A Public Procurement and Asset Disposal System that is transparent, fair, efficient, corrupt-free and instills public confidence
To provide a regulatory, monitoring and oversight service on public procurement and asset disposal matters in a professional, efficient and effective manner with a view to realise value for money.
Core Values
The following core values of the PPDA will provide the guiding principles which help the Authority, management and staff to behave and relate with all stakeholders.
  • Transparency and accountability we shall discharge our duties in an open manner and shall be responsible and accountable for our collective and individual actions.
  • Integrity We shall discharge our duties with the highest levels of honesty, truthfulness and reliability. We shall adhere to zero tolerance to corruption.
  • Teamwork– We will cooperate and coordinate at functional units and individual level to increase productivity.
  • Professionalism– We will deliver high quality services through continuous improvement to achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Impartiality We will act solely according to the merits of a case and serving equally well the public and governments of different political persuasions.